Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Rejuvenate your Love with Real Togetherness

Togetherness - a pleasant feeling of being connected to someone. Always wondered that couples during their college days are most connected. They can spend most of their time with each other. But as we grow up, we are tied with different responsibilities. And after marriage the main root for which you are together changes completely. Thanks to social pressure, work pressure and our never ending demands.

Thought of an outing was needed. I always wanted to experience snow hence Manali was our destination. The next part was a good company but unfortunately we could not find anyone suiting our dates. Still we thought of moving ahead and made a plan with the travel agent for both of us.

We started our journey in 2 tier Rajthani and reached Delhi from where we had a bus to Manali. Our journey was for 7 days where we had 3 days in Manali and 2 days in Shimla, including 2 days for to and fro.

Manali was too cold but still lovely as we went in November. 
My eyes were amazed to see blue skies, 
White Mountains, green land
First day we went to some temples and a
castle. It was the same castle where the shooting of “Jab we met” had happened. It was amazing.

Next day was real experience of life in Rohtang. At a height of approx. 13,500 ft. this was the highlight of the trip. The route was enchanting. We also took some jackets and fur coats on hire on the way as we were informed it will be freezing cold at the top. A mountain full of snow is an exhilarating experience. Playing in snow; throwing snow on each other, we had one of our best time. For the first time I did some skiing. The breeze intensified to a strong blizzard and we could feel the chill down the spine and breathing was becoming slightly difficult. But we enjoyed hot Maggi (that time Maggi was acceptable) and tea.

Then was rafting in Kullu. Another thrilling zone.  The ice cold water of the melted snow was electrifying when it gets poured on you. 

The best part was a drive from Manali to Shimla. The temples on the way, the hot water spring at Vashisht kund, the Vaishno Devi Mandir, the hanging bridge, long tunnels, winding roads and overall a fantastic experience.

We also experienced the toy train from Shimla to Kalka.

No phones, no work only we both and nature. Completely broke the digital world. Wished time should just stop here. We enjoyed each other’s company to fullest and actually did not require any third person in the trip.

Manali a real romantic place where we in its beauty we got lost in each other completely and had one of our best time of togetherness. 

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

PAMPER’s 5 Star Skin Diaper solution for all Babies

After the event, now was the time to check the product. Hey this time it was little easy for me to make my niece wear the diaper. And to my surprise I found that the features that were shown in the event and mentioned on the packets are real practical. Check out few of them:

All-around softness

Pampers understand baby’s skin is the softest, so premium care pants have been made using soft materials to provide softness and comfort. Also, the all-around waistbands and leg cuffs ensure a snug fit, minimizing leakage and making movement more comfortable for baby.

Upto 12 hours of dryness 

While I have studied from all Mums around me that generally 5-6 hours of diaper is preferred but with this we checked that for apporx 8 hours the baby is very much comfortable. This is stress free for all mums. Pampers premium care pants come with ultra-dry core that quickly absorbs and locks away liquids.

      Baby Lotion 

As mentioned earlier in this post, the lotion has its advantage to protect the skin of the baby.

Breathable materials 

Generally all elders suggest that we should leave baby free from diapers for few hours in a day that shall enable the skin to breathe. But Pampers has solved this problem, the micro pores in Pampers premium care pants help air circulation, allowing my baby’s skin to breathe. 

     Wetness indicator 

The only way a baby communicates his discomfort is by a cry. You remember how I discovered the time to change the diaper by the smell of the poo. But the unique wetness indicator that turns from yellow to blue when in contact with fluid really works. 

It has been a week now we use Pampers premium care pants for my niece, and I can say that this is the softest and the most comfortable diaper

It’s good that pampers premium care pants come in all sizes so all the Mums can be happy now and baby can have good sleep.

This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda

Mums and Baby…Babies and Diaper goes hand in hand

 “I would always prefer Love Marriage and two kids”, my sis said. I told her why don’t you do only one and take mine till he/she grows up to 4. She was shocked listening such thoughts of mine. So I explained her that I love kids but can’t take their poo and pee….God how to clean it’s so horrible and dirty. She could not control her laughter but I was very adamant with my thoughts. I had seen my aunts cleaning my cousins in their cloth diaper.
Few years later my sis finally gave a birth to a sweet little angel. Let me not forget to say that she did Love Marriage J  My niece “Nishka” one of the best gift to entire family.

Being Masi for 1st time was like blessing. Loved playing and spending time with her. One day I was in charge of my niece as sis had to go for some important work. Things were going cool and suddenly I smelled something very wired and found that she has done poo….Oops I was in a fix, but thank god she had worn a diaper. It was Pampers Diaper for small size. 

Things were then less complicated for me as I did not had to do much. I found that my niece was also very comfortable. I changed the diaper for her but was just wondering it would have been good if they had some better way to dispose it. Also some indication for changing the diaper.

To my surprise then there came a parenting event of Pampers through blogadda. I was lucky enough to get a chance for this event. It was a launch of Pampers #SoftestforBabySkin. It was anchored by Actress & Television presenter-MandiraBedi with Actress & Celebrity mother-Tara Sharma. There was Pampers R&D Expert–Dr.Wei Sing Long.

The best part of event was that there were many demonstration where we experienced the key benefits of the product. The main focus was on the tag “Good Sleep”. There were also many video clipping of Tara Sharma and her kid.

We checked that Pamper new product is the softest diaper for baby through a test where there was a box with 3 different diapers. And 92% of us identified the right Softest for Baby diaper.

The pamper R&D expert then shared with us that they use some kind of lotion which makes pamper soft and it does not affect the baby’s skin. This we verified through another test called as Test of Sensitivity. It was quite impressive the way they had shown. Yellow paper in Tara's hand is the paper that imitate’s a baby's skin. Yellow patch is the area treated with the lotion after exposed to a chemical of same pH as that of a baby's pee. 

The best part of event was that my wishes were fulfilled in the new diaper. There is yellow line on diaper which changes its color which is like an indication for changing the diaper. Also they have come out with a unique way of disposing the diaper.

Event was really helpful for people like me who are future mums. It’s quite simple really – all that a baby needs to be happy is food and rest. While managing the food part is relatively easy, very often it is the sleep part that makes a mother lose sleep.

Overall a very nice event of pampers. They also gave us hamper of their new product which I tried on my niece. Check out my upcoming post in which I actually discovered that all the features mentioned about the product are real true :)

This blog post is written for the Pampers #SoftestForBabySkin activity in association with BlogAdda