Thursday, 16 April 2015

Redefine your smart phone experience with ASUS ZenFone 2

Looks, style, Camera Pixel followed by memory, power consumption, efficient and the list can continue…
We check lot of features while selecting a Smart Phone. But with most important factor Budget, we then compromise on features. But ASUS has come up with real good Smart Phone with all the features included within our Budget.

Not ready to get convince right. Same was my reaction, until I happened to check this phone. Will share few major features which shall create crave for this phone. 

1.    See What Others Can’t See (Good Clarity Better resolution)

Capturing every moment of Life is my passion. Hence I always look for a smart phone which is having a good camera. ZenFone 2’s is with 13MP rear-facing and with 5MP front-facing.Also with technology of adjusting the pixel size and advanced image processing algorithms, we can get 400% brighter image in a Low Light Mode.With this the add-on is 140 degree Panoramic Selfie.

2.    World’s First 4GB RAM Smartphone (No cry for Space)

With Whats-app, world has now become closer. You can immediately send any picture, video to anyone at any moment. But with this now-a-days we also face difficulty with the space. Its real torture when your phone screams that No sufficient space. And to be frank this message we generally hear during emergency. Thanks to Asus for having 4GB RAM space and with transfer speed  twice (2X) the speed of many competing smartphones.

3.    Boost Master technology (No Power down)

Less Time Waiting, More Time Doing: mantra of Asus ZenFone 2. Yes with this technology it charges devices much faster than traditional speeds. Our phone battery is taken up to 60% in just 39 minutes. I really liked this feature as due to so many apps working on smart phone, we always face battery issue by mid of the day.

4.    Blazingly-Fast Wireless Connectivity ( Fast Internet Connectivity)

With the latest technology of 4G/LTE for voice communication, data transfer is of up to 150Mbit/s. And to add icing to it is the 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard we will get 5X faster than previous Wi-Fi speeds.

5.    Ultimate balance of Beauty & Strength (Beauty with Brains)

It is always said that it’s difficult to find beauty with brains. ZenFone 2 is an incredibly slim with just 3.9mm at the thinnest edge. Let me tell you the beauty of the phone is much more appreciated as this can easily get into woman clutches J  also it comes with 5 vibrant colors.

And most important to all is that it fits in our budget. One can really Redefine the smart phone experience.

Truly speaking loved every feature of this phone J


Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Your Life..Your Heart..Your passion

Heart & Its Magic 

They say that when you follow your heart, you can create magic. After all, the heart is the place where all your passion comes from. So whenever you listen to your heart’s calling, the results are perfect – be it in your career, your personal life, your relationships or your dreams.

Check out one such incident of my Life where I listened to my heart and it created a Big Magic.

But at times listening to your heart does have its advantages, check it out…..
 Life of a married Woman is like a clock which goes on and on. And if I have to describe that of working married woman then it’s impossible to compare as the responsibility is add-on.
Work, work and only work. Just then I thought that why shouldn't i also live few moments for myself. Then i decided to pen down my writing skills and share the same on social media. The best portal for start-up was with Google BlogSpot.
But as I said it was not easy as mind was continuously busy with Office work and house hold responsibilities. Hence even though I started in March 2014 but was unable to compete with the work challenge and social responsibilities. Keeping blog as back burner was only option left for me. My mind moved on with the flow of Life, but heart was unhappy L
Then there was a meet from Indiblogger in Mumbai “Zindagi Indiblogger Meet, in June 2014”. My sister asked me to register for this meet so that we both can go together and have a good experience. So I tried registering for the meet but was unable to do so as in order for a blog to be accepted by Indiblogger my blog required more post.
Although it was very difficult to remove time, still heart wanted to take a chance. So I went ahead writing blog post and posting the same. Used to pen down the thoughts while travelling and then post the same in blog. This gave a motivation to think more and write more.
Something from within was very happy, heart was full of joy when I finally had enough valid post on my blog. And finally my registration was accepted for the meet.
The magic does not end here, as in the meet there was a Pakistan Actor Imran Abbas who was gonna then act in the upcoming Zee Zindagi serials. Wow he is so smart was my first reaction. And guess what my dream of having a picture with a Film Star was fulfilled. My latest WhatsApp’s DP was then pic with this actor.

My heart was overjoyed. I thanked my sis for this opportunity and more importantly I was happy that I listened to my heart.
So do Listen to Your Heart and be happy J

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