Monday, 23 March 2015

Impact of Positivity

“Oh God, I failed in one exam; it’s called KT”, yes I had this KT in my engineering studied for one subject Math IV. How could this happen as I have never failed in my entire curricular studies... With lots of hard work, sacrifices and trust I had been into Engineering. Was completely shattered.

It seems that all diploma Holder entering into Degree always find it difficult especially the Math’s, but Why me? :( 

I actually started thinking that perusing diploma and entering degree was a wrong decision, although I had entered degree with distinction in diploma still may be I don’t deserve to be an Engineer. This thought continuously made my mind more negative. Was unable to work, study, and enjoy life….

All friends were enjoying their college days and I was suffering from within. Then there was sudden change in Life.

I happened to meet an old friend who used to do “Art of Living” course. Initially I made a mock of him as I feel this all is just bullshit and only means to earn money and fool people. So my friend asked me to join the course which was for some 5 days I believe; not sure. It was called “Yes + course”. I was completely against this, so he registered my name without informing me and also said that it’s free of cost so please attend once, as he was some volunteer for those 5 days. (Later I came to know that he had paid my fees; that moment I was speechless and only thing that came in my mind was yes, a Friend in need is a Friend Indeed.)

I attend the course, there I could feel that positive energy growing in me again. With Sudarshan Kriya, not only my physical body but also mental stage was in good shape. Different activities, yoga asana could rejuvenate one’s own will power.

The best part was Satsang, the Krishna bhajan takes you to the next level of divinity. You feel so fresh and pure. I still remember one activity was like telling the person who sits next to you, your issues and problems in Life. The opposite person does not know you, nor have ever met you, you are not sure whether you will even meet him from here after, still you are assured to get solution. Later we understood that with Sudarshan kriya and asana, our mind have had become strong enough to fight against all odds. The teachers were “Bawa & Dinesh”, we daily had general life question answers with them. Their knowledge and simplicity towards life gave everyone new hope in our own life.

Guruji – Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, is indeed a great guru to teach everyone how to balance life.

I was then quite relaxed and had a new strength to fight and move ahead in Life. I then cleared my Degree Engineering with Distinction and also had a good placement job opportunities.

 It’s been now almost 9 years now, but I still follow Blog of “Bawa& Dinesh” whenever I feel low in Life. Such was the impact of that 5 days course of “Art of Living”. 

I really thank my friend even today for getting me into new path of positive energy whose leanings can be followed even today that, real optimism in Life lies within us only. 

Jai Guru Dev!

Be positive…

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Start your Journey & Fortune shall definitely favor the Bold

Getting a right career in life is like getting a right life partner in order to have a successful life. But as it is rightly said that all good things comes with lots of hard work, patience and trust in oneself, so was the case with me after 10th results.

I had secured descent enough to get into any commerce admission, I was distinction with 75.43% to be précised. But this is was not sufficient to get into Science in good college. I had a dreamt of becoming an Engineer in Life. But this percentage was not enough.

I was feeling very sad and depressed as I could see my dream slipping from my hand. Getting into commerce was not my take. I would have never enjoyed studying nor would have had any aim in life. I was sure about it.

Then there was a small spark in life where I heard from someone that one can do Diploma in Engg and then go ahead with Degree Engg. The idea was not very appealing as many of them would leave engg after being a Diploma Holder. Secondly the seats reserved for Diploma holder to get into Degree College were like peanuts. You could say max 4-5 per field in a good “A- grade” college. This was as diploma holders would directly take admission in second year of engg. So in total they also finish graduation with (10+3+3) instead of (10+2+4). And most important was after diploma you are not called as “Graduate” either as its (10+3) total 13 years of education. An ideal Graduate is always (10+5) total 15 years of Studies, and for engineers it was 16 years of total education.

I got mixed reviews from people around me, some were like take commerce and be graduate then you can take some other course also. Few were like go ahead with diploma if you could not get into degree still you can get a job. But this was not my dream, the only thing that was going in my mind was “Jainita Dalal an Engineer”. Be it with tenth + Diploma+ Degree or Tenth + science +degree.

Somewhere I knew I would work hard to pass out Diploma with flying colors and get into good degree college. I also had support from my family members. Trust me support from family increases your inner strength enormously.

So I decided to go ahead with Diploma in Engg. But after you decide one thing in life, you have to pass through other challenge and exams in your way which forces you to change your decision. I feel this is God’s way of testing our decision power as well as our self-confidence. Getting admission in Diploma was also not that easy. I had filled forms of almost 5 top colleges in all vicinity of Mumbai. And I got admission in Diploma in Chemicals. Now, a girl doing a chemical engg was something not that common. Although I was told that there are changes of my upgrading into digital electronics still the chances were skeptical. This was my test which I had to clear.

I closed my eyes, prayed god and went ahead to take admission in the college even though it was Diploma in Chemicals. I feel this was BOLD step I took for my career of entering in Engineering Filed even with Admission into Chemicals.

I thus started my new Journey of career with Chemical Engg., but as Fortune Favors the Bold, I got upgraded into Digital Electronics in second year of Diploma.

Yes, I did pass diploma with Distinction (80%) and secured admission into good Degree College.
Now I am a Distinction holder in Electronics with Telecom Engg and working with a renowned company.

Yes I feel one should have trust and self-confidence to take a bold step in Life. Such decision would change your life completely and also give new shape with new goals and horizon.

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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Smile: key to Happiness

What is Happiness? When can you be happy? Whenever such questions are raised, the expected answers are something like “When I will rank 1st in class. When I shall have my home/my car. When I shall become rich and the list continues. Our happiness is always when we are satisfied with our materialistic demands.

But even after we fulfill our one demand, the second wish is always in queue and our happiness is always prolonged. So when should we be Happy, the right answer is NOW. Then the question is how should we be happy, and I would say by A Smile. Yes one Smile on your face and you would feel that you are happy.

I know I am sounding philosophical, but I was convinced by this thought when I experience the beauty of Smile which leads to happiness with small things in Life. Let me tell you few of incidents from my real life story.

Being Loved: Yes this is the first thing that can put smile on your face and you can feel that happiness within you. Family get-together on various occasion, or simple dinner with Family can make me feel happy. We get one positive vibes when we see our family happy with each other.

Care for Stranger: You feel good when others care for you, but you will feel pleased when you shall care for someone else. Visiting an orphan homes, Old-age homes, spending some quality time with them, puts some kind of inner peace on face. It’s rightly said that best happiness you can get when you can make others happy.

Heeling one’s Soul: Meditation - one of the finest exercise that makes me feel happy. When I sit for meditation, it is the time where I am with myself and God. This puts me on next level of happiness where I can feel that my soul is getting pure.

Think & You Get: This is something which I am sure that everyone experience in Life. The small wishes which are for only that specific moment for e.g. you are hoping for a no traffic when you are late and you see that roads are empty. You are late for an interview and you get a call that there is delay in schedule. You thinking for a friend and suddenly he appears in front of you or get a call from him. Such are small wishes that brings a smile on my face when gets fulfilled immediately.

 Time with my Niece: Yes spending time with my niece makes me feel very happy. I always try and manage to spend some time with her. Her cute little face, with her innocent questions. Playing with her always gives me immense joy in life.

Friends Forever: Yes being with friends always keeps me happy. A normal coffee with friends in CCD, or just a drink (Coca-Cola) at friends place can make us happy. Not to forget mentioning that World Cup with Coca-Cola is a unique way of being happy.

Thus, small things in life makes you Smile. And as it is rightly said that Smile increases your face value, you feel happy from within.

So Keep smiling and be Happy J

Coca Cola celebrates the International Day of Happiness
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Thursday, 19 March 2015

Power of Togetherness !!

“Jobless” is a nightmare for every individual who are career oriented and have set goals in life with the money they earned from work. On top of that if the deadline is close to end and just then you get this news, would be the worst game of life.

This was the situation when “CyberTech India Ltd” was taken over by “NICE” in the year 2011. My company was a new venture and was approx. 6 months old. We were hardly 5 employees trying to grow and take the company to its next level. But to our shock we heard the news of takeover in March. NICE was not ready to take all the employees of Cybertech. I had my wedding in couple of months.

I had planned and set account for my marriage expenses. Secondly, I could not see myself as jobless in such situation. I just wanted to cry aloud and curse my fate, but controlled my emotions and called my-would be husband who was and is also my Best Friend.

We met after his work in Powai CCD, our favorite place for spending good time. Not to forget our relationship from friendship was taken to next level in CCD. He hugged me and tried to pacify me as I was already in tears seeing him. And to my surprise this time he was before me in CCD. I guess this is why it is rightly said that people who cares for you will be always there when you need them the most.

He explained me that even though you would be jobless, still Cybertech is gonna pay you 3 months salary for just sitting at home and hunting for new job. ya , this is was something real good thing they had promised. Secondly, as marriage was on head I could have good time for shopping and completing all the requirements. And most and important was, that I can have more time with my family.

Hearing all this I was little fine. Then the waiter got our fixed menu, Chocolate Fantasy with extra chocolate sauce. Actually this is our standard order and all waiters were also aware about it. As usual he gave me first bite of fantasy and a warm kiss on my forehead.

I was content with this and was now ready to fightback and utilized my time in the best way I could. The best thing he told was “Jaini, this time till you find a new job should be one of the best time in your life, so when you remember this moment you could happily say that good I was jobless for this particular phase in my life”. Yes my hubby is real hero as he understands how to make me positive in most difficult time of life.

After this, it was then my turn to act upon his advice. I did my best and utilized this time in shopping, learning cooking as was getting married and also had a vacation to my religious place.
Also let me tell you I got job within a month in a renowned firm with a salary hike as well.

Seriously power of togetherness is like a medicine for a patient. Love is most precious element that can help people live their life happily with strength during hurdles.

Always Love and Be together J

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Wednesday, 18 March 2015

In fast Life of Mumbai – Slowdown your Zindagi with some Help-Lines

Rejuvenating Life....

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MUMBAI: A Complete Stressful City with people running to catch a train (now even metro), stuck in traffic, getting late for interview, marriage, work pressure, tension of Boss especially on Anniversary and spouse Birthdays , demand from kids and the list can continue……
Someone has rightly said that Living in Mumbai is real havoc, one needs to be on toes every time and just run from Morn to Eve.

I am bought and brought up in this city and really admire and love this place. Like me many people love to stay in Mumbai and gets adjust with this hectic life. Ever wondered why?
Because people have learnt how to De-Stress themselves. And ofCourse Mumbai also helps them to get relax and motivate for the next game. 

Check out 5 major de-stress techniques that I use to survive happily in this city.

   1. Weekend Outing: This is most usual de-stressing technique that all mumbaikar shall agree. Worli-sea face, Marine drive , Juhu Beach, Marve beach….yes this is the main relaxing locations. You can find most people outing at these places on weekends to get a break from busy schedule. Water (although not that pure) still motivates to fight with hurdles of Life… I simply love waterside.

   2.    Expedite your Talent:  Art in form of painting, craftwork, gifts, cooking is something that I would prefer to refresh my mind. And most important , writing …yes of course pen downing the post for your blog (which I am doing currently J)

  3.    Heal your body with SPA and Massage: This is something much popularized around us. Every nook and corner of the city, now we get Spa and Massage center. I love doing spa and massage on my head to get relax.

  4.    Relaxing at home: This is one of the best technique you can do relax at home and watch TV. Also one drink with your spouse can add icing to cake. Especially if you have nice balcony or good big window with sitting arrangement.

  5.    Step- in: Yes trust me even a normal walk in a garden or some quite lane (if you get) can help you to relax. To this I would also add that even step-in into temple/church can give us peace and motivation.

So with above life-line , one can have each morning with new energy and live their life happily.

I am going to try a new quick way to De-stress & #SlowDownZindagi using Parachute Advansed Aromatherapy Oil in association with BlogAdda

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Book Review : When She Smiled

When She Smiled - Ritoban Chakrabarti

Mrityunjoy Roy is a fifteen year old Bengali who has spent the last ten years of his life growing up in Shimla. While his family is completely academically oriented, he wants something more. 
Finally he meets Akanksha in school, who turns his world upside down with her gorgeous looks and mind boggling smile. 

“Love” – Main crunch of the story. Have read many stories where two people from complete opposite background met, fall in love, had differences but then married and stayed together. But “When she smiled “was different.

I liked the way author has described the two individual, Roy – a very honest guy with lots of family pressure to become big enough and worth-while in life, to score big in life whether academic or sports. On other hand Akansha is easy going girl.

With two different backgrounds, both of them meet each other and fall in love. The chemistry between them is described very nicely. It’s beautiful, yet simple and also funny at times. At many instances you can also visualize you with your special one.

Love story, the crush in school days was something very unusual then the other love stories I have read which are normally in college, work place.

The other beauty of the story was the location. Shimla the best scenic of nature and this beauty you can feel while reading the book.

After the happy go lucky phase, author has written about how due to certain dramatic events they split apart to two extreme poles. Agree this phase was little sad, but somehow it feels so real and so true.

The end of the story is also nicely framed.

At certain points I also felt little bore, where just for one description author has made a one full paragraph.

But overall it was nice.

Final Say: A must read for all who believe in Love J

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