Friday, 20 February 2015

Cherish your Occasion with Smile

Invitation Card: Face of Your Occasion 

Any Celebration is always cherishable and very close to heart. Whether it’s a birthday party, new born or wedding. It is always the most memorable moments for us. So if the event is so important then why not the invitation card.

As it is rightly said that the first impression of anyone/anything is something that tells you most of that person or thing. Similarly I feel the invitation card is the first impression of any event.

Invitation card shall tell you how eager the people are for this function, the excitement in their nerves. It is direct mirror to the heart of the people whose occasion is gonna be celebrated.

Hence, from my busy schedule I do prepare invitation card of all the events in my family, for my friends and many more….

Here are some of my invitation card that I have created. Have always tried to bring all the smile and excitement for the festive in the card. check out my creation....

Baby shower Invite

Baby Shower Invites are like living as a Mom for a while. I love pen downing  the Pregnant Mummas feelings.

New Born Celebration

New Born celebration in a unique manner. Let's thank God first and celebrate with him ; birth of our angels.

Happy 50th Birthday party

Celebrating 50th Birthday of parents, especially by their kids is the best gift any kid can give to them.

First Birthday of your Kid

This is very close to my heart, its 1st birthday party invite of my sweet little Gudia.

So always smile and cherish your occasion with beautiful invitation card J

Thursday, 19 February 2015

My Recent Visit to My Village

Rejuvenated the panoramic view of nature - Village

Collection of huts in a row, walls covered with plaster of clay. Veranda outside the house with a big swing with long rods (Hichko …this is what we used to call)….The houses are technically made in such a way that give the feeling of cool in summers and remain warm in winter. All muddy roads not like our cement one.  Oh god but the washroom is outside  L .
Thinking this I was travelling in car from Mumbai to Navsari.

We used to always go to village in our vacation time, especially summer vacation. Obviously for mangoes. Mom’s hometown is in Bonand: located around 13.9 kilometer away from its district head quarter Surat.  

They have acres of land where there is plantation of mangoes. Yummy..
This the best thing I used to always love about village mangoes and very pure beauty of nature. Away from hustle and bustle of city life where we can breathe fresh air. The morning with chirping of birds and sweet breeze of day’s dawn. It brings divine touch into human kind. I also remember a big well from where they used to initially get water. How can I forget the cow stable in the backyard from where we get the original milk.

But as we grow up getting busy with our studies, work schedule and family never got chance to than visit the hometown.

Luckily last weekend there was a marriage and it happened to be last marriage in Mom’s maternal family, we all thought of attending and rejuvenating the village environment.

Surprised to see the cement roads moving even in the inner lanes. Then there was a second surprise seeing the houses. These were proper concrete house like that us in Mumbai, let me not forget but much huge then ours. The amenities in the house were completely the same that we use in city. The cars were all big brands. Everyone had their own vehicle to commute. Thank god washrooms were no longer outside.

The farms were now with farm houses and much more developed.
But one thing was still the same, the outside veranda with the big swing. I just loved this part and hope this should never change.

Had a very good experience of village or let me put this was no longer a village rather a developed one. But still the even with new form of the hometown, the things that were unchanged was the nature. We could still find lots of greenery, with pleasant atmosphere. 

The best place for a mind peace.

Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Book review : Ramayana – The Game of Life: Shattered Dreams

 Ramayana - The Game of Life : Shattered Dreams 
                                                            -     Shubha Vilas

Shattered Dreams is the sequel to the national bestseller, Rise of the Sun Prince, in the new spiritual and motivational series Ramayana – The Game of Life.
The first book had end with twelve joyful years have passed in Ayodhya since the wedding of Rama and Sita. Now, in Shattered Dreams, the author Shubha Vilas narrates the enthralling drama of Rama’s exile.

To be frank I have not read the part I of the book, still I did not get lost with the topics and was able to understand how the author is comparing each event with modern life. And each chapters are intriguing with new leanings.

We can connect our life with the book and also can get solutions to different challenges that we face in Life. Indeed great work by the author.

Secondly the comparison of a person about his nature with real life non living objects was draft very beautifully. For eg : The Human Nature Anger was compared with a Flower Vase, with Angry person personifies like a flower vase that falls on someone’s foot; obviously it shall hurt the foot but a same time vase also breaks. It explains very nicely how can ones anger ruin his own life as well.

We can have a good learning's from such examples and implement in our day to day life

After reading the complete book the most important thing I noticed was that the title shattered dreams, it is intertwined of many reasons and many minds.

It is basically shattered dreams of Dasartha due to various lives in his life: The greed of power of his wife Keikeyi, The love for Rama of Sita, The faith and trust of Laxman on Rama and most importantly the humble and pure nature of Rama.

The relation of Rama and Sita, especially during the negative emotions is written so well that this can be as a benchmark for today’s couples where how a disagreements and different mindset can bring into one direction.

The book is not just general story of our great epic Ramayana, it is rather a guidebook which shall always give spark to all our Life’s question.

Final Say: A must Read book J