Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Luck or Confidence

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It’s My Luck which has now changed into Confidence

Finally, I got a job in one of the renowned firm as a Sales Executive. Hi, I am Akash done my Bcom and then marketing MBA. Due to recession it’s very difficult to get job even for MBA’s. But thanks to dad’s contact I got this, “May be I was little lucky this time”.

I am basically little lazy kind of boy who always thinks that if I don’t get anything then it’s my Destiny. I was too lazy to even shave, whenever my family, relatives or friends teased me with my stubble look l, I always used to say that “kisko impress karna hai shave kar key ; joh naseeb mein honey wala hai wahi hoga”.But never understood that may be I am not putting much effort or may be it’s because of my laziness and less of confidence that I have to finally say that “it’s my luck “

“Get a close comfortable shave even on Day 30 with Gillette Mach 3 razor. This is because it has 3 Blades with Diamond like coating that stay sharp longer to give you a great shave even on Day 30”  : This is super gillete captain and my slogan for selling Gillete shaving Kit as a sales executive.

I used to go to various places in west of Maharashtra for selling this and trying to achieve my targets. But every time I used to miss my targets by some percentage and never got my variable pay. As I say: It’s my Luck……


Finally I got rid of this when once while chanting my opening speech to a company’s management team, there was a very cute girl sitting with them it seems she was doing an intern. For a first time in my life I liked someone on first look. But my heart was completely shattered when only thing she said in entire discussion was “Why don’t you use your product first before convincing others”….

Her words strike my heart like an arrow and I realized what she was trying to tell me, rather than impressing her with my words I made fool of myself with my look.
From that day I am always with clean shave…and I also realized that clean shaved makes you more professional which have increased my confident level. Then I never had to miss my variable.

And with that confidence in me I proposed that girl who changed my life and today she is my beloved wife….

And yes now Luck has also changed to Confidence and Hard work with Clean Shave – Gillete Shave!!!

Sunday, 28 December 2014

Opportunity knocks the door only Once! But second chance is always Bigger……

This post is a part of #WillYouShave activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette

Is Being Clean Shaved really important in Life ???Lets find out....

My Husband a perfect example of chocolate boy….yes he is always clean shaved, cute and fair guy. He likes to be clean shaved especially after our marriage as I like him in that way.

“Clean-shaven is out, it’s stubble now for telly gang!” heard this somewhere right... this was an article of Times of India in month of August 2012. Inspired with the article and looks of the telly men’s, my clean shaved husband turned up to rugged guise. Yes I was deeply hurt as he was not ready to change his style - “This is Macho – babes – this is what he used to say and change the topic every time we had this discussion.

I tried all possible women weapons but this time all was in vain. Ultimately even I gave up but used to always wonder what on this earth can now change this Rug get look man into my sweet husband.

As it is rightly said in my favorite actor’s movie that if you want something from deep heart entire universe will help you to get it so was the case with me and my wish for a clean shaved husband….

Something new generally happens on Wednesday. But this Wednesday  was like gold streak. The Company’s VP’s were there from Middle East for a product review. No doubt this was supposed to be on Thursday but you can’t change your destine right. My husband was ideally supposed to attend this meeting and then go with them to one of premium partner for product selling strategies. This was one chance he was desperately waiting as he wanted to excel in this zone of his work. As this would be then his career change turn.

And for this he was going to shave on Wednesday (giving me a surprise which he told me later) but ………

Before he gives any surprises, Life gave him shock of his life on a very 
crucial stage of life career. He was highly broken when his boss suggested his colleague to go for a meeting because of this stubble look. As it is foreigners are always clean shaved and so they have always kept this as an office decorum. But we Indians at times takes life too lightly and miss the opportunity knocking our doors.

The only thing I told him that night was “Be Clean – Be Gillete Man”
No doubt I got my clean shaved husband with sad heart, but I always feel that second chance you can make it with your hard work which can be bigger than the first!!!

And this bigger chance he got after 6 months religious hard work (with Clean Shaved), and also was promoted for his work. As I rightly said that second chance can be bigger !!!!!

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Come and help India

Activity: Bhumi is one of India's largest independent youth volunteer non-profit organisation. Our volunteers work amongst orphaned and underprivileged children in Chennai, Thiruvallur, Bengaluru and Chandigarh with the aim of providing children with quality education and enable them to become responsible and productive citizens of the future. The efforts of our volunteer force consisting of over 300 students and young professionals under the age of 30 benefit over 2,500 children every year.
Details: 1. Kanini Computer literacy programme involving teaching of basic and advanced concepts based on the children's aptitude levels.
Support: Education, Children, Environmental Conservation, Mentorship
Note: Bhumi is an under-30 youth volunteer organisation, and to be able to reach out to more children, we need volunteers who can spend 2 hours every weekend to teach at an orphanage near their residence.

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